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Hello there! Welcome to my website. My name is Whitney, and I am creating this site to share some of my writing as it relates to apocalyptic novels for my UH-4000 Surviving Apocalypse class at Wright state University. I am a Biology major on a pre-veterinary medicine track, and I am a junior. I love to play tennis and spend time with family. I have 2 immediate siblings my 9-year-old sister Britney and my 3-year-old brother Tre. I took this class because it seems very interesting and so far, I am thoroughly enjoying the reading! On this page you will find blog posts related to the novels we cover over the course of the semester. I hope you enjoy my take on the books which center around apocalyptic events. After all, who doesn’t love a good apocalyptic read?

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Great! Now What?

Great! Now What? By: Whitney White The Gone World by Tom Sweterlitsch was a great book to end the class with, in my opinion. The ending...

When the Smoke Clears

When the Smoke Clears By: Whitney White In Colson Whitehead's Zone One we see a world that is over-run by zombies and a small group of...

The Divided State of America

The Divided State of America By Whitney White In American War by Omar El Akkad, the main character Sarat is practically raised by the...

What is Forgotten?

What is Forgotten? By Whitney White Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel is a very well-told apocalyptic novel. It has many different...

When Life Gives you an Apocalypse…

When Life Gives you an Apocalypse… By Whitney White Hello dear Readers! Today we will unpack some aspects of Louis Erdrich’s Future Home...

Humans are Toxic

Humans are Toxic By Whitney White In the Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood, there are many different messages she is trying to convey....

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Operation Doomsday

This video is inspired by all of the books read this semester in class. The idea is to compile every apocalypse that the books entail into one big doomsday story. The video shows life before and throughout the end of the world and explores the style of apocalyptic storytelling. Click the link below to see my creative process while writing the script and brainstorming!

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